Community Room Rental Guidelines

  1. The Community Room is available for rental on Saturdays and Sundays from 12: PM – 5:00 PM. Exceptions can be made at our discretion but in no case to go beyond 7: 00 PM.
  2. To rent the Community room you MUST be a resident of Sheffield Township or an employee of Sheffield Township and show a valid driver’s license.
  3. A $50.00 CASH deposit is required along with a $150.00 rental fee. There is an additional $30.00 per hour for any use beyond the standard five (5) hour rental. The $150.00 (and additional, if needed) can be paid in the form of money order, cash or check.  Deposit must be made within seven (7) days of verbally reserving rental date.  If after day seven (7) the deposit is not received, the date will be considered available.  After the deposit is made, if you decide not to use the facility, your deposit is forfeited to Sheffield Township.
  4. Event time, from entering the building, INCLUDING CLEAN UP TIME, to exiting the building must be established at the time of booking. If you go past the pre-established time for any reason, your deposit will be forfeited.
  5. The $50.00 cash deposit will be refunded if the Community Room is left intact and clean, provided the event does not go past pre-established time. Please note 3 and 5 through 8.
  6. PLEASE DO NOT hang anything on the walls – NO tape, tacks, nails, screws, etc.
  7. If using the kitchen area, please limit use to the stove, refrigerator, and sink.
  8. Place all tables and chairs to their original location if you move them.
  9. Cleaning equipment is located in the room off the kitchen.
  10. Heating and cooling temperatures are pre-set for the seasons. DO Not attempt to adjust.  If the furnace is operating, heating or cooling, KEEP outside doors closed.
  11. NO alcoholic beverages or smoking is permitted inside the Township building complex.
  12. NO weapons are permitted on Township Property.
  13. DO Not Use Township Phone in the kitchen. This is a Fire Department phone only.
  14. DO Not Leave the Township Community Room until a Township employee is there to inspect the room, return your deposit and lock up.
  15. DO Not Allow anyone to play in the parking lot.
  16. DO NOT PARK IN THE ALLEY OR IN FRONT OF THE FIRE TRUCK BAYS. In the event of an emergency fire fighters and EMS need to be able to get out as soon as possible.  Extra parking is available in the back gravel area behind the buildings.
  17. These rules apply to all employees and elected officials of Sheffield Township.

 Amended February 20, 2017
Sheffield Township Board of Trustees

Contact Linda Greene at 440.233.7650 or with questions or to book your rental date.