Update from the Fire Department

imagesThe Sheffield Township Fire Department hopes that all of our residents have enjoyed a safe summer full of memorable moments.

Our department has answered 713 calls including EMS, Fire, and various service requests this year. We have continued our quests to obtain grants for equipment. The state of Ohio has awarded us $2,700 for the purchase of non- consumable EMS equipment which we will use to keep our ambulances equipped and give our members the most advanced tools to assist them in saving lives. Our department has also applied for a Federal Grant to obtain a new fire hose; unfortunately, the grant was not approved. The Fire Department also has two members preparing to attend Fire Academy in the fall. We will continue to research ways to obtain updated equipment and training to lessen the burden on our residents.

As we approach the fall and winter months we would like to pass on a few safety tips:

Please be alert of Motorcycles they will remain
on the road as long as weather permits and as we all have seen in the news there is an increased number of motorcycle accidents and deaths lately.

Get your chimney inspected each year to make sure it is clean and safe.

Do not forget to change smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries when you turn your clock back on the first Sunday in November.

Test your carbon monoxide detector and smoke detectors monthly to assure proper performance.

Remember that it is illegal to burn leaves and yard waste in the State of Ohio. Small fire pits consuming clean seasoned wood are permitted as long as they meet state fire code regulations and they do not create a nuisance for your neighbors (smoke in their windows, hot embers flying onto their property, etc.). If we receive a complaint our crews will either extinguish the fireĀ or request that the fire be extinguished by the homeowner.

Do not use candles in Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns; it is much safer to use flashlights or LED imitation candles.

Assure that your kids Halloween Costumes are made with flame retardant materials.

Assure that all holiday lights, decorations, and extension cords have been tested by an organization such as Factory Mutual or Underwriters Laboratory and are in good working order.

As always, plan multiple escape routes, safe places, and meeting places with your children in case of an emergency. Teach your children how and when to dial 911 and how to stop, drop, and roll.