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Brush Pickup

Brush collection is the first Monday of each month, weather permitting. Get your brush out on Sunday night. If it doesn’t get picked up on Monday, it will get picked up on Tuesday. If the first Monday is a holiday, the brush pickup will be delayed a day.

Do not bag your brush. Place the cut ends of your branches toward the road. If you have a large quantity help us out and spread it out across your yard. When the piles get high it is hard to pull the branches out. Our chipper does not like prickers, flowers, weeds, corn stocks, any type of grapevine material, or firewood size logs. They plug up our filters and intake screens and get caught up in the feed reels. If you pay a contractor to trim or cut down your tree they are responsible for what they do; the Road Department will not pick it up. This was a motion passed by the Board of Trustees.

Dumpster Days Are Coming!!!

The Board of Trustees will be providing dumpsters at 5166 Clinton Ave., allowing residents to take advantage of large containers to clean up unwanted items such as furniture, box springs, chairs and other large items. Hours are  8 am to 4 pm,  May 18th through May 20th, 2017. Please, no tires, boats, campers, oil, antifreeze, fuel tanks of any type, paint, etc.  A photo ID and proof of residency are required.

If you have any questions, pleases contact the Road Department at 440.277.6409

Board of Trustees
Chad Parsons  440.225.6002
Tim Mihalcik 440.541.7183
Dave Newsome 615.543.6446